23 November 2015

Hey everyone!

I’m very glad to announce that we’ve just released the version 0.6.1, which includes a re-write that Luis started a while ago. It’s been a long time since we’ve released something, but this has been through voting, and went through!

Breaking Change

Note that this version requires a minimum Dart SDK version of 1.13.0. This is due to the new Boring SSL update in the SDK. Please note that more breaking changes were introduced since v0.5, these are listed in the CHANGELOG. Documentation pages have been updated accordingly.

Many users have confirmed using the version 0.6.0-beta in production and things went fine. If you end up having problems with this release, please file an issue at our GitHub page. We’ll be glad to help you and improve Redstone.dart.

As a side note, I would like to thank everyone who contributed, Redstone.dart is now community-driven. Your input and contributions are more than welcome!

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